Health Business Transformation

With our simple five-step Practice with Profit way, you will learn how to:

  • Maximise the reach and capacity of your health business with a passionate and high performing therapy team
  • Develop an ongoing customer base of self-funding patients to boost your profit potential
  • Implement income generating membership services
  • Amplify your return on investment in your people and capital assets
  • Multiply your profits with less stress and more freedom

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How to Transform your Health Business

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Paul Baker... The Sales Therapist

Paul Baker... The Sales Therapist

After almost twenty-five years of training and coaching therapists, I’m used to hearing complaints and resistance to “selling” patients on various health treatments and services. It’s no surprise. Nobody likes to “sell” or be “sold” to. And most therapists pursue their careers because they want to help people, not sell to them. They associate sales with negative connotations; manipulation and coercion for financial gain.

But... I believe they simply haven’t been trained in a stress-free sales system. One that is totally tailored to your health business. This skills gap results in terrified therapists feeling awkward and pushy, performing the sales conversations in an ineffective way. Their technical, ambiguous, overly safe communication style, more than anything else, determines their patient’s behaviours and outcomes. It’s what I term the ‘Clinical Sales Paradox

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