How to transform your health business: the book launch.
Transform your health business book launch

 27 November 2019

Since opening the Practice with Profit doors less than two months ago, we’ve been busy developing our health business accelerator so that everyone can experience its benefits. What better way to celebrate than with the launch of our new book, ‘Transform your Health Business’?


Practice with Profit was born out of a genuine desire to transform the health business landscape and, ultimately, the health of a nation. To encourage deeply rooted change in behaviours. To bring about authentic, long-term health transformations.

That’s why we are excited to announce the official launch of our debut book, ‘Transform your Health Business’. It’s a book that has been a true labour of love; one that we have packed all our insights, experiences and lessons into.


Transform your Health Business will show you how to multiply profits and grow your practice with less stress and more freedom.


Digging deeper into the five-step Practice with Profit way, it will teach you how to provide exceptional value to your ideal customers and, as a result, experience continuous health business growth and success.



But the best part? We don’t overcomplicate things. We deliver you the key information you need to bring about major change within your organisation.

Because we believe the answer to health business decline is simple; a healthy patient equals a healthy, thriving business.


Don’t just take our word for it. The rest of the industry is already reaping the rewards of Transform your Health Business.


‘Whether you’re new to private practice or have been in the game for years, this will become your go-to manual.

It’s packed full of advice, education and strategies to accelerate your health business and help you build a motivated and high-performing therapy team, showing you how to put your team and patients at the centre of your growth plans and decisions.

I only wish this book had been written when I opened my practice sixteen years ago. There’s no better way to learn than from someone who has experienced it first hand and overcome all the obstacles.

Paul is straight-talking and generous with his knowledge and experience. This is a book that’s jam-packed full of value, and which you’ll definitely read more than once.’

  • Amanda Hatt, entrepreneur, health business owner and leader, Hatt Clinic


'I cannot recommend Transform your Health Business highly enough; it is a must read for all health business owners!'

  • Owen Robinson, MD at PhysioDirect Sherwood


'The Practice with Profit way works. It’s simple, straightforward and will help you to build an engaged, highly motivated team, aligned and working to achieve your health business goals.’

Kim Leith, chartered physiotherapist and clinical lead


Intrigued? For two days only, Transform your Health Business can be yours for even less.

We’re jumping on the Black Friday wagon and offering exclusive savings on our business growth guide.

On Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November, you can download the Kindle version of the book for just 99p, or pick up a paperback for £9.99.

We want to get our message out there to as wide an audience as possible so that more and more health businesses can start harnessing the Practice with Profit way.

And for those of you who do grab a copy of the book during our big launch sale… we’d love you to help us spread the word even more!

We’re encouraging our community to share a note about the book on social media and through an Amazon review. Even just a few words will help boost the profile of the book and put it in front of as many eyes as possible.


We can’t wait to hear what you think of the book. Tweet us, reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram or drop us a line on LinkedIn. We’re all ears. Together we can build the Practice with Profit community.

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