How to Transform your Health Business

Do you currently operate, are in the process of launching or dream of opening a health business? Then this is the book for you.

It’s for those who want to build a motivated, high performing therapy team that achieves the financial objectives of their company.  It’s based on 25 year career as a health business owner, leader and expert therapist and is full of valuable insights, tools and techniques.

It will teach you how to retain and gain “A-star” self-funding patients as a valid fast track growth model through the simple five-step Practice with Profit way:

1. Culture: In step one, you’ll learn how to maximise the impact of your therapists and your health business capacity. You’ll discover how to increase the number of employed FTE therapists and the time they spend in 1-2-1 billable consults, doing what you’ve employed them to do: help people.

2. Connect: In step two, your therapists will learn how to maximise value by connecting and building valuable patient-therapist relationships with ‘A-Star’ self-funding patients in the consultation room.

3. Convert: In step three, we’ll teach your therapists a stress-free sales system to achieve the ultimate goal of every initial consultation: patient conversion into a course of therapy. This is the critical starting point to every successful patient journey.

4. Consult: In step four, your therapists will deepen patient engagement, retention and outcomes by creating value in frequent consults. They will gain the tools needed to provide tangible benefits, referring patients into membership services to achieve their aims and goals.

5. Consistent: In the fifth and final step, you’ll learn how to implement a best-practice performance management system to build a motivated and high performing therapy team. You will finish up with the makings of a team that consistently achieves your companies growth targets.

Thanks to this very approach, I’ve built a profitable practice that boasts:

  • A 3,000 sq foot Freehold Clinic
  • A team of 14 FTE employees
  • A customer base of over 97% self-funding patients
  • Membership services with over 200 health & wellbeing members

This book is packed full with actionable steps to help you do the same and deliver healthy patients in the context of a healthy profitable business.

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Katie, Practice Manager

Katie, Practice Manager

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