Clinical Sales Paradox

Therapists are caring, supportive professionals who are trained to help people. However, it’s no secret that many have limited sales skills and a serious aversion to developing them.

What they don’t realise, is that great sales skills hold the key to helping their patients in deep, transformative ways. With these tailored skills at their side, therapists have the potential to move patients towards major health transformations.

I have spent over 30,000 hours as a therapist guiding patients to successful, long term health transformations. During this time, I have developed a method of solving, what I call, the ‘Clinical Sales Paradox’ by equipping therapists with a best practice, stress free sales system.

This system is built on a genuine desire and motivation to help patients do what is best for their health interests. It involves zero manipulation and zero uncomfortable feelings. It is simply driven by the care therapists have for helping their patients achieve their aims and goals.

Because I know that when therapists have powerful sales skills, your patients will experience powerful outcomes. As a result, your revenues and profits will soar. It’s healthy patients in the context of a healthy, profitable business.

That’s why I’ve developed the five-step Practice with Profit way: an easy, hassle-free system to totally transform your health business.

I’ve done the hard work for you. Now, all you need is to commit to the simple steps. Then sit back and enjoy as your practice escalates, your profits boom and your goals are smashed.

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Oerate a Health Business

Do You Operate a Health Business?

If you own or manage a health business, you know that launching it was the easy part. Now, comes the real challenge: making a profit. We can give you the insight and tools needed to transform your health business into a profitable practice; without you even having to be there all the time.

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Opening a Health Business

Are You Opening a Health Business?

Mistakes at this stage can doom your business before it even opens. No amount of business skills and promotional savvy can overcome poor startup planning and decision-making. Our resources will help you evaluate the viability of your plan with greater clarity and organisation, significantly improving your chances of success.

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Do you hav ea Dream

Do  You Have a Dream?

Can’t get the idea of owning a health business out of your head? Unless you've actually owned one, it’s impossible to truly imagine what you're getting into. We've seen too many health business dreams turn into financial nightmares. Let us help you get a better sense of ‘Health Business Reality’ so you can make the best possible move.

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Why We Do It

From a young age, my family business taught me that being financially rewarded for helping, serving and solving people’s problems was essential to survive and thrive in business. When I was twelve, I crushed my pelvis in a farming accident and, with the help of physiotherapy, I learned to walk again. Don’t worry, it only took me a few weeks. But, it was then that I decided I wanted to become a physiotherapist. Once qualified, I combined my interest in business with my desire to help people and opened my first health business, goPhysio, in 2001.

Over my career, I’ve been lucky enough to have spent over 30,000 hours in face-to-face consultations, training and coaching patients to recovery. While building my team and growing a health business, I’ve developed unique insights and solutions to the difficult task of scaling a profitable health business.

A health business that sells therapists’ time and expertise for money. A health business that ultimately relies on the quality and value of the patient-therapist relationships to achieve the growth targets of the company.

Now, with this health business accelerator, I want to show you how to invest in, engage and motivate your therapists into building valuable patient-therapist relationships. I will teach you how to convert them into a successful course of treatment until they achieve their ultimate aims and goals.

I see it as healthy patients in the context of a healthy, profitable business; one that will stand the test of time.

At Practice with Profit we’re all about the relationship, not the transaction. Together, I believe we can grow the health and wellbeing of a nation: one health business at a time.

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Hear from some of the therapists and health businesses we’ve helped

Jose, Physiotherapist

Rosie, Pilates Instructor

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